How to update Freedome.

Nash Posts: 9 New Member

As an F-Secure product, I would personally trust Freedome more than other VPN providers. But it lacks the ability to update its software. 

It must become out of date and useless after a period of time if its not updated regularly. 

Please advise me shall there be a way to update it that I am not aware of.


I am currently using the trial version. 


Thank you.


  • Nash
    Nash Posts: 9 New Member
    Perfect. Thanks Ben
  • vural
    vural Posts: 1

    Thanks for share

    Read this Article

  • F-Secured
    F-Secured Posts: 21 Explorer

    I have had trouble with Freedome's automatic updates on Windows. If Freedome fails updating, you can download the newest version from F-Secure's website (for example, if you speak Finnish, you would find it from here: The installer should detect if Freedome is already installed, and instead of saying "Install" the button says "Upgrade". It should remember your subscription, at least it did for me.

  • Nash
    Nash Posts: 9 New Member
    I see, so running the installer regardless of which language i speak Smiley Tongue should do the trick.
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