Freedome Subscription Issues on OS X

Hello I bought Freedome some days ago after testing the Android and Mac beta for a while. I uninstalled the beta and downloaded the latest available distribution from the official website. After activating the subscription with the code sent to my email, it accepted it but didn't connected to any location. Same thing happened the next day. That's when i reached you via Twitter. I didn't responded immediately trying to save the troubleshooting process and expecting the issue to get solved on the server side (yeah, there is no logic in my thought as it was based on pure convenience and laziness). But things got worse. Now I don't even have an active subscription. It seems the app deleted the code and I don't want to use my code one more time because I still have one device left to activate which is currently protected under a promotion code that hasn't expired. So, what can I do? HALP MUH PLEASE! I'll PREPARE TACOS FOR YOU!


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    I'll contact you be private message to try and resolve your problem.


    PS: Please do not send tacos by mailSmiley Wink 

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    Hello Axollott,


    In order to make sure all traces of the Beta version are gone, please proceed to uninstall as follows:

    -Remove Freedome from /Applications. 

    - Delete the folders "/Library/Application Support/F-Secure/FSFreedome" and "~/Library/Application Support/F-Secure/FSFreedome" 

    -Remove "Your F-Secure Freedome Key" from your login keychain (it's in Passwords category).

    -Reinstall the latest version available here.

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    Ok so I did most of the steps one time but forgot to delete something and it still showed traces, second time I uninstalled everything followed by empting the bin and it doesn't show any traces but I still can't connect to any location.
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    I'm still unable to connect. I've payed for something I'm unable to use. Send help asap.
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