F-Secure Mobile Security v15.2.017271 ( Google Play )

F-Secure Mobile Security v15.2.017271 ( version from Google Play ) The latest version has problems when using the program.
1. After a full review of smartphone-enabled Internet and without a connection, there is a persistent notification that I have to do a manual check of the smartphone.
2. The new version now has no function Secure Cloud?
3. I had a call from a hidden number, but in the call log, F-Secure Mobile Security does not see this number and no way to add it to the block list. How to add this number to the black list?
4. Without Internet connection F-Secure Mobile Security does not detect threats on my device. In earlier versions this was not. Now, to determine the threats need always on Internet. Antivirus has become a cloud? ( Sorry for English ).


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    I'll try to reply to each of your question.

    1. What happens if you actually run the requested manual scan?

    2.It should be on by default.

    3. If the number is hidden or unknown F-Secure cannot block it. In your phone settings, you should be able to block all incoming calls with hidden/private numbers. (Android 4.4.4)

    4. Has your phone ever connected to our back-end?

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    Hi, Ben. Thanks for the reply.  During manual scanning, the latest version doesn't check anything on my device. Only two of the file, and the scan stops ( screenshot #1 ). On the previous version this was not. If I include the Internet, the antivirus scans all the files on the device, but stops the scan on the same file and there is an endless scan it ( waited about 20 minutes and stopped the test. The connection to the mobile Internet and Wi-Fi - the result is the same). In the new version there is no notice on the menu about the antivirus update anti-virus databases ( screenshot #2 - old version, screenshot #3 - new version, there's no notice about the antivirus databases ). Because of this, I have a question of whether cloud antivirus, because without Internet connection finds no threats on my device. IMG_20150629_181527.jpgIMG_20150629_181606.jpgIMG_20150629_181417.jpg


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    I have the same problem that you can not longer see when the last signature updates came.You can only see the last try for an update.And on 1 of my 2 smartphones there is a permanent Safe Browser is activated notification in the bar,even if he is not active(and I don't want to kill the Mobile Security process all the time).But it is only on my Kit Kat device,on Jelly Bean all is fine with that.


    And still it would be nice if we could see what the app is scanning and if you could exclude things when it found something.

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