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From the forum posts, internet posts, and user reviews it seems that one thing is very apparent. There is a major need for a better activation solution for F-Secure Freedome. Currently, if your HDD crashes, or you need to re-install Windows, or you upgrade to Windows 10 (coming up in July), or even if an F-Secure Freedome update fails and you need to re-install it, you lose the code and/or license. Currently, it is not possibly to free it up per se'.


Evaluation periods make a huge difference on whether or not I decide to purchase a product. A 90 day trial is very helpful so that I know I am making a good purchase, since it incorporates different network protocols especially. If you un-install Freedome, you lose the code. Period. This is counterproductive. You end up losing potential users.


For those with a paid license, there is a problem that the license server shows that even though Freedome has been uninstalled or is no longer used, the license is not "freed up" by the server. The server or whatever mechanism currently in place lacks the functionality to recognize these changes.


I am actually about to re-install my OS, possibly add hardware and get a new HDD. I am also in the market for a new PC. F-Secure SAFE was a bit of a disappointment for me (no offense), and used a good bit of resources. - I do respect the people, and the company who makes it though. They make significant efforts, especially with the marketing of Freedome.


The solution should be productive, but not cumbersome or overzealous (like Microsoft or worse). It is a good way to:


1) Expose customers to your products

2) Get them to purchase them

3) Retain that customer


It costs more to gain a new customer than to retain a current one. I am not complaining, nor do I feel entitled. I am just trying to make a suggestion on how to improve the product, and its workflow.


I don't intend to rant or to create a flood of posts. This was meant to be constructive, and to see what I could do/could be done about solving my licensing issue.

I am sure that others also have some questions as well.


I am satisfied with the initial install experience of Freedome, and the GUI is nice, I will say that :).


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    Hello infosec,


    Thank you for your honest the feedback. We really appreciate it. I'll pass it on.


    We are aware that currently the subscription management is not optimal and our development team is working hard to bring a better solution to subscription reset and reinstalaltion scenario. Unfortunately for the time being you'll need to post on this community if you are  reinstallating too many times your subscription.

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