Can i use legal BitTorrent through Freedome VPN in the EU


I've read thet in some countrys you have to block Bittorrent because of the DMCA, but what about when i choose for example the finnish Server? Are there any restrictions?


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    Hello Aldileon,


    Please refer to this article for information on that topic.

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    But what about the other Servers?
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    Dear Sirs,


    I think the Business version of Freedome should incorporate the "Content Control" (centrally managed parental control) functionality, which appeared as a novelty in FSAVCS 12.00 Premium Edition. That way, the customer companies could restrict their end users from visiting video/media distributing sites.


    In its current, unregulated from, Freedome for Business may be too risky for companies to adapt, because the end users can abuse the geography-distorting VPN feature and the company can be sued by a copyright-holding 3rd party for the employees' behaviour.


    Thanks for your kind attention, Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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