Adapt User Interface of F-Secure IS to the one of Clean-Up Tool or Freedom

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Hi developers,


I've alawys struggled with the UI and design of the Internet Security windows. But since I've been using F-Secure IS I always was satisfied with the level of protection, CPU and memory load and the overall the convenience of your products.


But,I like the new design (themes) of the UI of your Clean-Up Tool or Freedom. They look modern, are even more convinientand easy to use and match to a modern system like Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. I was wondering why you didn't adjust the "old" UI of your Internet Security products to match to ones of the Clean-Up Tool or Freedom. I would really appreciate a more modern like looking User Interface.


A wish list:


- more modern User Interface (like the ones mentioned above)

- rearranged seetings, where the ones of the Browsing protection and Internet Security and informations of program versions, update status, etc. ... are combined, not separated

-  no more integrated Facebook Like-Buttons or similar things!


Hope to see some of those things in your next update!


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply as potential feedback (I'm also only F-Secure user).


    I just able to add that, most likely, current F-Secure IS (SAFE/TOTAL) with partly implemented status of this feature request.


    As example:


    --- F-Secure Scan Wizard take 'UI'-view from Freedome/CleanupTool.

    --- settings also with improves (pinned to one place about Browsing Protection and Computer Security) and some other places are combined.

    --- 'like buttons' is no longer available with UI. and so on.


    As my own feelings -> current design of Windows solutions (AV/IS/SAFE/TOTAL) with direct attention to platform/system's guidelines. Even it can be not so 'interesting' but kind of more 'integrated'-view.

    Maybe possible to refresh meanings from feature request about current state of F-Secure Home Solutions UI.