Not protected. Please restart.

Yesterday I got that message for the first time. I then first clicked on the tray symbol and it really said the computer is not protected. So I logged out of the user profile which took very long and then logged in again and everything worked. But today I got the same message but this time clicking on the tray symbol it said the computer IS protected. The AUA.log file has absolutely NOT errors in it. Could it be that the "F-Secure Safe Websearch" message is the problem? In both cases the information message about it was not shown. How can I activate further logging of F-Secure Antivirus? I can not contact support! The website doesn't allow me to select "Language", "Product", "Category" and "Subcategory". Actually surprised the "Country" dropdown menu was not blank too. Normally allowing access via "NoScript" or "Request Policy" addons solves those problem but not this time.


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    Hello Kashrlyyk,


    Could you tell us what kind of system you are running(Operating system & hardware)? What is the F-secure version you are using?


    You could try to check the  logfile.log under C:\Program Files(x86)\F-Secure\Common


    Concerning the problem with the support form, can you send a screenshot of the problem and provide the exact time and date at which you encountered the issue?

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    Windows 7 64Bit; AMD Phenom II X6 1055T; RADEON HD 6850; RAM 8 GB;


    F-Secure 15.3


    There is no folder named "C:\Program Files(x86)\F-Secure\Common" and there is no "logfile.log".


    4th July 8:30 AM CET: FSecureSupportProblem.jpg

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    Thank you for the feedback.

    Could you tell us which web browser(and version) you are using to access the web form?


    Did you already try our chat or to call our lines?

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    Firefox 39.0
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    "Chat" requires "remote access" to my computer. So NO! And I don't have a good experience with telefon help lines.
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    Right now I had this problem: At first F-Secure said the computer is protected. I looked at Spybot and the scanner was deactivated so I activated it which doesn't cause any problems usually. But before the scanner was activated Windows Maintenance Center complained that no antivirus programm was active! Shortly after that F-Secure claimed that the computer is not protected anymore. So I clicked on the tray icon and yes it said "not protected" .... for 4 seconds. Then it switched back to "it is protected". Is that even possible? Since I don't have any logs and the event display has not entries about those too, how can F-Secure fail to start?
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    Having the same problem on my wifes PC and our laptop, as you say it started after the update. My W8.1 OS PC working fine, but W7 OS F-secure insisted that spybot and superantispyware were uninstalled. Since then F-Secure keeps showing notice that it is not protected, after re-boot is then works properly., but i cannot trust it.

     1) W8.1 64b Opera = OK

    2) W7 64b  Chrome = problem

    3) Laptop W7 32b Opera / chrome = Problem


    This appears to be a problem following the F-Secure update.

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    Sorry for my reply.

    There was probably information about Spybot as (incompatible software).

    Not sure that it's related with same version of Spybot or other. But it's can be as main reason (?!).

    It was under beta-technology-preview part of community. So.. it's can be as explanation for your experience.. when it's comes just with new upgrade.


    Potentially can be... when other security software will be a reason for clash. And as troubles for F-Secure software (some of modules or part of basic features).

    Also can be situation... that system goes to be with overload (partly) and it was enough for temporary troubles under F-Secure's "integrity check" (or something around this).


    Sorry again for my reply and not nice English. 

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    I just got the message that my computer is not protected while the F-Secure Anti-Virus window was open saying my computer is protected!!! So I closed the window and opened it again and it still said my computer is protected. So which message can I trust? The window which I open with the tray icon or the pop up message? What kind of files and services must run in the task manager for F-Secure to be working correctly? So basically how can I check if it is actually running and working as intended because clearly your program doesn't know it itself?
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    Hello, Services, which can be related.... probably... F-Secure Host Process (fshoster) as main service, which should be work for most of basic features. And F-Secure ORSP (related with network connections with Security Cloud, reputations, web-protection as example). With my experience... I have maybe same "situations" about temporary pop-ups (when main UI with normal view)...... and it was related with some of next points: --> Overload for system (not nice hardware).... such as autoupdate for Google Chrome or other specific software, which can to take a lot of resources. F-Secure can to create pop-up about "Not protected... restart required", but main UI and other with normal status. If "stuck" for overload goes to be more time... F-Secure can to create notifications under UI. But also can to drop this "warning"-view.... when overload goes to be missing. --> When F-Secure not up-to-date... and goes to re-check and download/install updates. Time to time will be result, when F-Secure goes to create same things about "not protected". Or simply... when something goes wrong around network connection or bandwidth. --> Various "second/third" security software, applications or other specific tools... which can to create "conflict" between them. With my experience it's about "compatibly" software too (MBAM/F-Secure as example). With your previous words... was something about Spybot... and as previous suggestion.... how I can to understand... Spybot marked as not compatible software with F-Secure (on current time). It's can be that... F-Secure services/processes goes to work with delay.... or with something else, which can be as "trigger" for integrity-check.... with view "something wrong". But.. of course.... maybe you need to wait normal response from F-Secure team. Or maybe you can try to use Support Tool (for creating fsdiag.7z) and create support-ticket with fsdiag (or as direct transfer it for Community managers... how it was suggested before?!). Sorry again for reply and for not nice English.
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