Minimum Number of registered custom id:s/numbers to be registered for purchasing all F-secure produ

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How many custom-id:s / custom-numbers etc. customer has to register(minimum)in order to purchase All f-secure products on ALL possible platforms?


  • Simon
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    That's not easy to work out. As far as I'm aware, it's one license per product, ie one for SAFE, one for Booster, etc, but some products cover more than one platform, ie, SAFE is for PC and Mobile, and you can also get multi-device licenses.
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    Note that we are constantly trying to limit the number of those.

    But as Simon said that is a not an easy one to answer and it depends a lot on what you actually want or need.


    Also we are launching new products regularly and they might not always be available in every country.


    Could you give us a list of what you are interested in?

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