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How to I transition to SAFE? I've Internet Security on my PC (current Windows 7) with a subscription that expires in 2017. I've Mobile Security on each of my two Moto-X (2d Generation) with subscriptions that expire in July 2015. I'd like to not pay for SAFE while losing what I've already paid for current subscriptions. 


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    Hello Bigfeet,


    You should take first SAFE in use for your mobile devices and add a device to SAFE when your Internet Security expires on your PC. 

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    Unbelievable. I’ve already paid for Internet Security for my PC through late spring 2017. SAFE costs US$50 per year. If I adopt your recommendation, in 2 years when Internet Security for my PC expires I will have paid US$100 for SAFE; not any part of which will protect my PC. Current Mobile Security costs US$20 per year per device. In 2 years I will have paid US$80 for my current two mobile devices if I do not use SAFE. So, in the spring of 2017 if I go with your recommendation, I will have paid US$100 for a value of US$80. If I do that I’m dumb. While I actually might be dumb, I like to think I'm not; I will not use SAFE until spring 2017, maybe. It is unbelievable that F-Secure has not developed a means to integrate seamlessly its current products and current subscribers into SAFE (but then I relate this experience with the younited debacle and a glimmer of understanding emerges). I’ve successfully used high quality DataFellows products for a long time; I’m disappointed.

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    Buy it from a Reseller,there you can get it cheaper.

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