Get rid of F-Secure


1.  I have had a number of significant problems since downloading & running F-Secrure Booster

2.  I have started three threads about these hoping that one of the F-Secure experts might help.

3.  No response from a F-Secure expert - do they actually exist?

4.  Perhaps it is time to move on from F-Secure - they obviously don't care about their customers at all!    


  • unhappybuyer

    F-Secure Booster problem started on Friday morning - reported to this awful 'Community' site  (as no proper support exists) by Friday lunchtime - now Tuesday evening - no solution from F-Secure - they simply don't care ! 

  • Gar-E-55
    Gar-E-55 Posts: 1
    I have F Secure computer protection through Frontier Communications which is my phone and broadband source. Every time I Restart or Shut Down my laptop I get a message saying " fshoster32.exe will not allow windows to shut down", and it gives me a box to click on to shut down, which I guess overrides the fshoster, then it will shut down or restart. This just recently started happening for no apparent reason. What can I do to make this stop? Thank you.