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I have just realised, that F-secure occupies a massive amount of space on my SSD drive - >5 GB, in a folder called


Can this be emptied/deleted? I have Windows 7.


Alternatively, is it possible, to install F-secure on my secondary (much larger) D drive?




I would attach a picture but it doesn't seem to be possible...


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    To attach a picture, click the Reply button, then in the editor, click the Image icon, then you'll have the option to upload an image from your computer.
  • Mugo
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    Thanks! Here it is.



  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply (simply there was silence) and questions.


    But which version of F-Secure there?

    Mainly should be (or can be) about updates (some kind of cache or backup about last known previous version of files for prevent situations, when updating process goes be wrong). But not really sure.. that it's can be with five GB around. Just if there was stuck or known trouble. And potentially... on current time.. it's should be with name about "guts2".


    I not really friendly with SSD. and maybe there means that "usage" (all time) for current folder as read/write.

    With current meanings... maybe it's not possible to re-place folder (such as it default place under system folders?!).


    If there other variants. Maybe it's comes from previous installations/versions and not properly cleaned.

    Maybe there will be more nice to get support from F-Secure team.


    But my steps can be there about trying to "reinstallation" with experience about "F-Secure Uninstallation Tool" (as cleaning for stuck folders about previous version) or manual clean-action...    but with any of steps.. maybe can be important information about version of F-Secure solution.


    Sorry if it was not helpful.




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