F Secure Security effectively disabled by F Secure Booster

1. Installed & Ran F-Secure Booster

2. Result was that all MS Office applications report Non Registered so cannot get into them (seems like a Product Key issue with the product Key having been deleted)

3. Also Internet Connection now drops out every 15 minutes

3. F- Secure Security not working and is asking me for the Porduct Key

4. The F-Secure Security Product Key is in an e-mail in MS Outlook. 

5. But I cannot get into MS Outlook as F-Secue Booster has f*cked up all access to MS Office applications.

6. So I now have, intermittent internet access, no MS Office access and F-Secure Security is not working.

7. And all F-Secure Booster can offer by way of support is a 'Community' of well meaning but largely non-technical folks.



  • Still no contact from the F-Secure experts. Do they exist?
    It seems not.
    Just stuck with this 'Community' solution - i.e. no solution.
    F-Secure don't care at all!
  • Still no contact from the F-Secure experts. Do they exist?
    It seems not.
    Just stuck with this 'Community' solution - i.e. no solution.
    F-Secure don't care at all!
  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Unhappybuyer,


    Sorry for the bad experience you are having.

    Could you tell us what did you exactly do with Booster after installation? It should not remove product license keys.


    Could you also provide the exact errors you get from Microsoft products?


    Concerning the connectivity drops could you give us as much information on that part too? What type of connection do you have, is it really stopping after 15 minutes every time, do you get error loading websites?

  • 1. I loaded F-Secure Booster

    2. I ran F-Secure Booster

    3. It came up with certain issues under its 3 categories.

    4. I carried out all the suggested actions - both Automatic & Manual

    5. I was very concerned when iot statred making changes to Registry but foolishly trusted F-Secure

    6. During the update of some out-of-date applications I had to reboot the syatem a few times  

    6. I then decided to go into e-mail (MS OUtlook) & got a Microsft looking imessage saying something like 'Please wait while we set up stuff'  after a couple of seconds this changed to a page requesting the Product Key.

    7. Same thing happened with Excel, with Word & with Powerpoint.

    8. I have now found the original MS Office box & entered the Product Key - Microsoft states that it does not recognise it (I bought a single copy licence so I think it believes someone is trying to re-use a Product Key)

    9. Wifi connectivity stops every 15 or 20 minutes - apparently with no reason.  For example, when trying to post to your 'Community' page on a couple of occasions I was halway through writing the post & connectivity dropped.  Solution was a reboot!

    10.  It's not happening when loading websites.  I can go into a website and just let it sit there and after a while wifi connectivity.  Permanent but unsatisfactory solution is now a 5 metre ethernet cable from the router to this main PC.  Incidentally, both my wife's laptop, my son's laptop, and various mobile phones still have contant wifi connectivity to the router so the 'problem' is in the PC after the installation & running of F-Secure Booster.

    11. Also F-secure Internet Security has stopped working and asked me for a Product Key.


    Finally, no so-called expert was looking at the 'Community' posts for the whole of the weekend - so you will forgive me if I do not retract my comment about complete lack of Cutomer focus.  It seems that only after I posted on Facebook that any actyion occurred. 


  • Ben - presumably a so-called F-Secure Expert


    I replied to you yesterday - any action by F-Secure?


    Presumably not as no follow up from you (or anyone else)   

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert



    Sorry for not keeping you updated on this thread. I forwarded yesterday morning  the information you provided here, to the development team .


    I'll let you know as soon as I get more information.

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello unhappybuyer,


    I sent you a Private Message to try to resolve the problems you are facing.

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