How to add an .exe to an exeption list?

Been trying to add a specific file and .exe but none of those work, how do i get a program to be downloaded and NOT treated as a virus when its a false positive, but the F-Secure doesnt even bother to care about an exeption list? Do i need to reset my pc to apply exeption or wtf?


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    If the executable is seen by F-Secure as a virus, I don't think it will allow if even if you add it to the exceptions list. The best thing might be to submit the .exe file to the F-Secure Labs for analysis, then it can be Whitelisted if safe:
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    As additional.. does you have experience about both lists of exclusion? It's can be under main UI "Computer Security/AV" (for home versions of F-Secure) - "Settings": for Manual Scanning and for Real-time scanning.


    It's two different lists (can be very helpful time to time) and real-time scanning list should be work as prevention for scanning downloaded files (?!).


    Not sure.. but with my small experience around.... it was available to create as exclusion "exe" (as file-type... should be as third option under exclusion list) and available to download .exe-files (if it's detected by F-Secure engines).


    But with your situation (if there false-positive)... of course... better to use F-Secure SAS (F-Secure Labs) as transfer-sample and wait drop-status for detection.


    Sorry for my reply.

  • Dont think it will be whitelisted when the "hack" is getting on the "pirate" list on all the big companies, will rather install Microsoft Security andadd it there instead, as its better than F-Secure on my laptop, but my Stationary computer needs F-Secure AND microsoft now xD!


    Microsoft + F-Secure = Double chances of no virus.


    Exept this one i want to install thats a false positive, exept F-Secure dont see that..

  • Simon
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    You could always submit a support ticket, attaching the .exe file if possible. That would give you more of a chance to explain the "hack", and why the file should be seen as safe.
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