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I've got windows Xp SP3.  2 days ago i have installed F-Secure IS 2012. I ran a deep scan and programme found 25 viruses in Turbo Pascal folder. It's strange, because that was I who created those .exe files, and i know, that they aren't  mallware.:) 

Before  I installed F-Secure, I was using Eset Smart Security and this solution offers in context menu an option like "send file to analysis".

Does F-Secure offer similar function like Eset or Symantec has?


Thank You 


  • Janiashvili
    Janiashvili Posts: 454 Adventurer

    actually no,


    go to, register there(so you could tell them that you've created them) and upload those files.

  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp Posts: 432 Superuser

    If I remember correctly there is a malwre that modifies the compilier (Delphi) and so you breed a malware with every EXE you build.


    What is the exact alarm you get?



  • Ageiris

    it reports this:


  • tidaltides
    tidaltides Posts: 17 Observer

    Always remember that each AV gives different list of viruses on their database. You may think that your file is not a threat, but once it has been detected, you just have to agree with it.image

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