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OK so according to Freedome staff on single accounts (based on their response in forum posts) once you reformat your device it removes it that subscription from the device limit. Apparently that doesn't apply to multi-device subscriptions. 


I have a 5 device subscription and I only have it on 2 devices. But I reformat my computer and iPhone constantly so rather than remove that device the moment I reformat, it counts it like a brand new device. So even though I only have 2 devices using the service, it says I'm at my subscription limit. 


Before I even started reformatting my devices, i tried to email F-Secure themselves in which case rather than answer my question they sent me to the forums. The forums never had a post about multi-devices only single ones that I saw. Just shows how little F-Secure cares about their customers. They care so much they only take time to tell you to go to forums rather than answer the question.


My reference number is: 





  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello MattPerkins,


    Sorry for the bad experience with our support.

    Currently each installation(reinstallation) counts as a device on multi-platforms subscriptions. Our team is working on better solutions for reinstallation scenarios.


    I'll contact you by private message on that matter.

  • izzi
    izzi Posts: 1

    I recieved  a 3 devices card when i bought two go phones i have downloaded one to my lap top and i was not asked for  my code Noplease explane.

    your Brian Tate

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Izzi,


    Where did you purchase your 3 license subscription from?

    What happens when you try to install it on your laptop? Is there any kind of message you see during the installation? Does the product gets installed successfully on your laptop?

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