F-Secure "many message widget" warns me of "Harmful web site http://pubads.g.doublclick.net;activity

I am getting repeated warnings from F-Secure.


A pop box in lower right hand screen says "This is many message widget"


WHen I click on it a box opens with hundreds of "Harmful web site  http://pubads.g.doublclick.net;activity;dc_ju=764 ... which is all I can read (can't scroll, or maximize the dialogue box".


Can you help me please?


This is rather annoying, and I dont know which of about fifty pages I am browsing is causing it either.





Thank you,


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  • Simon
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    My hunch is that the popup box isn't from F-Secure. You might be wise to download and run Malwarebytes - www.malwarebytes.org - this should hopefully remove any adware or PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) from your machine, and with any luck, the popups will stop.
  • mnalep
    mnalep Posts: 6

    Hi Simon,


    I have run malwarebytes, and no virus was found. (At least it did not indicate any, but I am running the free version of Malwarebytes)


    I can't copy the 2nd box that I see to show you (I might be low on memory?) - but it looks like the dialogue box at the top of  this thread....





    I also saw this response from 'Ben' at the last message in this thread ...


    27-04-2015 01:53 PM


    I reported the URL to our labs and the false positive should be corrected shortly.

    Let me know if the issue persists.

    Best Regards


    I was hoping mine was simply a 'false positive' also that 'someone'(ben) could correct?

  • Lakrits
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    I have the same problem, it started yesterday.

  • mnalep
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    I started noticing the warning messages about 5/3/2015.


    I also just realized that there is a 2nd website being warned about

    Harmful web site http://www.billboardspm.com/search/asset?op=load&assetId=Frames_NoFrame0001 blocked


    Along with

    Harmful web site http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/activity;dc_iu=/7646/Audience;dc_seg=9771370;ord=9910352940069.168? blocked


    and,  http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/activity;dc_iu=/7645/Audience;dc_seg=9771370;ord=9910352950069.168?


    Hopefuly someon here can help. 


    I am using WOW as my provider. Who are you with?


    I wonder if I called WOW what they would say? F-Secure is not their product though. I asume WOW leases F-Secure.


    I cannot find anything else with a Google search on this error, except this site. Strange?






  • Simon
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    They both look like (possibly malicious) ads which are being blocked, but I've never seen this "many message widget" you speak of. Or, do you just mean the F-Secure popup flyer which appears above the system tray with alerts?

    I doubt that F-Secure will respond here until Monday, but you could submit samples of the blocked URLs for analysis, here:

  • mnalep
    mnalep Posts: 6

    HI Simon,


    That analysis link is not doing what I expect, It keeps replying with a red error box at the top  syaing "PLease select the type of URL you are submitting". I already have selected "Dangerous URL", so I don't think it's working.


    That WIDGET message - it actuall is a pop up box that appears in the loewer right hand corner of my screen. It's title says - "This is many message widget." - it does sound like something that someone with a poor level of English grammar would say.



  • Ville
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    Hi @mnalep


    The "many message widget" comes from our product. That text should never be visible, but apparently some localizations were not properly loaded/applied.


    Usually when a malware is found, there is a flyer. When there are multiple simultaneous detections, there would be too many flyers and they are replaced with a notification that you have many messages. The history shows all the missed notifications.



    (F-Secure R&D)


  • Simon
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    It still seems to me like you have adware on the machine. I'm surprised Malwarebytes didn't find anything. The free version has the same detection rates as the Pro version. The only other thing I can suggest is that you try ADWCleaner, which you can download from here:


    Sorry about the confusion with the "many message widget". I'm using an English language version of F-Secure and have never seen that before. Not easy to help here sometimes with this sort of thing. Smiley Sad
  • mnalep
    mnalep Posts: 6

    Hi Ville,


    Is there a way  I can determine what is triggering the warning messages?


    Is it a specific web page? Is it malware on my pc?


    I'd like to find the cause and eliminate it (especially if its as simple as closing a 'bad' web page (I have about 100 pages open...)


    In addition to F-Secure, I also ran free version of Malwarebytes Antimalware, which founf nothing.


    Thank you,


  • mnalep
    mnalep Posts: 6



    Thanks, I will look into ADWCleaner.




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