Streaming from "gray" sources?


I know that torrents are not allowed on USA servers but what about non torrent movie streaming? I often use my tablet to watch shows/movies that I have a legal right to (own the disc or subscribe to the network or it is fta) but some ISP's see this the same as torrenting even though it is a HTTP protocol and makes no copy on my system. Just want to check if this is a tos violation before I purchase a subscription. For those wondering why I would stream when I have the disc - tablet doesn't have a disc reader and only has limited storage - also I may stream things that I forgot to dvr. 


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    Most Streaming services such as Netflix, the BBC, Hulu, Steam etc... based their content, prices, and agreements off location. This is because various countries have differing content laws, prices, and contract law. So almost all streaming services will have a section in the terms regarding VPNs or location spoofing. Typically, they do not allow the use of them.


    Freedome's terms say that you can not use Freedome to violate the terms of another service. So it all depends on the stream services you use.


    If an IP address is a known VPN address many streaming services will black list the IP. 


    You also mentioned you use a tablet. If you use an app to access their services it is likely that the app accesses your GPS location (your actual location)  and will ignore your network location (your VPN location). Many apps may also compare the who and stop working if they do not match.

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    I'm not talking about paid streaming services (I do use those primarily) but "other" sources such as icefilms.  As I said I only use them for watching content to which I have other legal access but not on the device I am watching on (ie: I own the DVD at home but am watching on my tablet in a hotel room) and it is not available on paid streaming services. 

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    Hello Hotrodwinston,


    Please refer to this article on that subject.


    You can always try out Freedome for free for 14 days before purchasing it.

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    So since this is HTTP and is streaming from servers located in countries where such is legal and no local copy is being made then I would assume that it (a.) does not violate freedome's tos and (b.) cannot be blocked or tracked from the exit end of the service because it is HTTP not bittorrent . So the only thing is the website may get blocked if there is a dmca notice about users connecting to that web site - with no logs no user can be traced to a website access.
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