Product out of date?

Dear F-Secure,

   I've registered, downloaded the 30 day trial, and have tried entering my personal code to activate my year's subscription, but it doesn't recognise it. It has above on the box:, and this doesn't turn up on Google, could this product be out of date? Or what do I need to do to install it?




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    Hello Freya,

    I'm not F-Secure staff, but I'll try to help if I can. Can I first ask, are you a Virgin Media customer claiming the free year? If so, then you need to register via the link in your Virgin Media portal. Please refer to here for more information on that:

    If you're not a Virgin Media customer, then we'll need to know which product you're trying to activate (Internet Security, SAFE, etc), and, whether you purchased it direct from F-Secure, or from elsewhere.
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       thank you for the reply. I purchased it as a discounted product from Laptops Direct. I've managed to download the F-Secure Key, and enter the Personal Voucher number without difficulty, but when I try to activate my year's subscription with the directions, go to: then enter Personal Code: with the 20 digit and letter mix, it replies: there's a problem with your code or it's expired.


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    OK, I'm afraid that's not something we can deal with on the forum.  You'll need to create a Support Ticket, giving as much information as you can, including the key, and purchase date, and they will check it out for you.

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    Having said that, I've just had a look at the product on Laptops Direct, and it seems that they are selling an OEM version, which means you may not be able to activate a previously downloaded trial version using the OEM version key.


    What I would suggest is that you uninstall the trial version, then start again from scratch with the OEM version you have purchased, and hopefully that will install, then the provided key will be valid.

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    Thank you!

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