Windows 10 Build 10130 and Freedome no Internet access

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Morning people!


I have a fresh install of Windows 10 Enterprise Build 10130 where I installed Freedome.


When connecting it changes my WiFi adapters DNS Server to and will not give me internet access.


Directly upon Disconnecting I get the correct DNS Servers again.


Any ideas?


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello Janne,


    Unfortunately windows 10(Insider preview), because it is still at a preview stage is not yet supported with our Freedome product.

  • luisrudge
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    Sorry, but there's a reason it's called a preview. It's made so we can test this release with our apps, there's no point in only fix compatibility issues with this is RTM. Please reconsider and create a fix. Thanks

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    Hello Luisrudge,Janne, 


    Thank you for your feedbacks. 

    Our teams are constantly working to bring compatibility with upcoming releases. Unfortunatley we cannot fully guarantee stability and therefore cannot officially support  these versions at this stage. 

  • Tehfcae
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    Well, yes and no. Technical previews are made so you can test it with the apps you develop to make changes as the F-secure team is doing along with getting a feel for the OS and reporting any bugs with OS itself.

    Developers have to recreate the majority of their program when a new OS comes out. It is no surprise that a large program that runs complicated protocols are still getting worked on to get a version ready.
  • Tapsa
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    Yes, we're very much working on the Windows 10 support. We are constantly testing with the latest Windows 10 builds and, as Microsoft changes things, we are changing our product accordingly. 


    We are aware of the problem with the Windows 10 build 10130 and we'll release a version that fixes it shortly. It just requires some testing before we can release it. It'll arrive as an upgrade to the existing Freedome installations after we release it.




  • MattPerkins

    First off F-Secure should focus on both beta and official operating systems. You should not act like if it's beta then it's not important. No you should be releasing a beta of your product to work on beta builds then by the time the official build is out your product will be ready. But instead what is gonna happen is F-Secure will not even bother until the official release and we will get beta builds of Freedome they pass of as official builds that are buggy and useless at the start.


    Personally I'm gonna stop buying products from companies who don't support beta builds of operating systems. Because not only do I use beta operating systems but I also am not paying money to beta test software on an official build of an operating system. When I pay for a product I expect it to work like it should from the moment the official operating system build is released. 

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