Mac: FSecure Freedome Crashed, re-installed, now code doesn't work


My FSecure Freedome Mac client crashed to the point where I had to completely remove and reinstall, it wouldn't even open up until I did so. I deleted the app and the user Library files, and then was able to reinstall, but then my product code would not work. I had 3-machine license, and Freedome still works on my iPhone and iPad, but the code will not register with the Mac. It is the same machine, and the app crashed. How do I get the code to work again on this machine like it did before Freedome crashed?


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    Hello freedome_userUS,


    I'll contact you by private message on that matter.

  • jmp
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    Same problem essentially, but because of using Win 10 Preview and Insider builds. New update always clears the code even if the Freedome application would stay installed. Could you help me too?

  • Tehfcae
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    Win 10 is not currently support by Freedome last I checked so the is likely to be a few bugs and issues with Win10
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