Freedome uninstall and remove key register


I have a small problem, in an attempt to delete a registry key.

After trying the program F-Secure Freedome licensed, I decided to uninstall it.

After uninstalling through Control Panel / Programs / Uninstall a Program
I ran a search for the remaining folders, they remained 3, removed manually,
performing a search of the registry keys, via detects 3 still present,
removing the program unfortunately to a new restart recur.

I tried directly from the registry, attempting to delete the key, but I do not

It allows you to delete it.

I tried with RegASSASIN can not eliminate it.

I tried to change the key using the procedure of adding the sign -
in front of the key via the Windows Notepad, but not working.

I tried using the procedure with access privileges to the registry key, but does not function.

I wanted to ask is there another way to delete this key?


Windows Notepad

Found another folder FileRepository, see screenshot:


It will most likely be present in other Windows folders, hidden somewhere.


Operating System Windows 8.1 PRO N 64bit


 Four questions:

1 .A What is this key?

2. Why do not you eliminate?

3. How can you permanently delete?


4. F-Secure has a tool, or other system for the removal of this key?


Thanks in advance to those who will want to help.

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