After reinstalling Freedome Windows to newest version, cannot activate

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I have 1 year license for 3 windows devices. I uninstalled Freedome from my desktop (win 7 64 SP1) in order to install newest version 1.0.1517.0. Installation went OK but activation failed. Message was: Unable to confirm your code. Try again laiter.

Only my laptop (win 8.1 pro) is activated OK.

How can I activate my desktop? Or have I reinstalled Freedome too many times that I only have one valid activation left and two licenses are used even though they are free.

How does Freedome count how many licenses are in use?


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  • BenBen Posts: 2,640
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    Hello Hekuli,


    Currently every installation counts as a seat on your subscription. Reinstallation on a same machine would therefore use up one additionnal seat.


    The product team is working on a better solution for reinstallation scenario.


    I'll also contact you by Private Message with more information on that matter.

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