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could we have the option to chose where the big banking bar displays on screen as when im trying to select another tab in chrome the Banking protection bar keeps poping up, also make it smaller and maybe put it in the bottom right corner as a logo

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  • Bruce
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    I was just going to suggest the same thing. When I want to download data from my bank the banking protection bar is located exactly where the dialogue box for printing is and the bar drops down making it very difficult to close the dialogue box.

  • MsHyde
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    I sent this same notification to the F-secure support team (in Finland) appx. a month ago...they replied that there''ll be no change to this issue in near future.


    I was just wondering to them that why this banking protection bar was so nicely working before (2013-2015), and now during this spring 2015 some update (?) caused this change that was not very user friendly ....



  • anorthernangle
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    I see the previous poster thinks "this banking protection bar was so nicely working before (2013-2015)". I think it was more annoying then because the Banking Proetction tab did not retract, requiring windows to be repositioned in order to continue to be used. However, I still find the current release quite annoying because it still often expands unconveniently. When I am trying to access the menu bar of another window and I move my cursor across the 'retracted' Banking Protection 'tab', the Banking Protection tab springs to life, often covering the menu bar I am trying to access. Note I do not select (click) on the Banking Protection tab, just move my cursor across it. Then I have to wait for the Banking Protection tab to retract itself before I can continue working. Please do not expand the Banking Protection tab until I select it or place it somewhere less inconvenient.

  • Madsen
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    I totally agree. The banking protection bar is too invasive. I've seen an answer to af user somewhere else in this community that says the bar minimizes after af few seconds which should make it easy to select another tab. It is correct that the bare minimizes, but it's still almost impossible to view the text on the tabs, at least when using Chrome. You have to be extremely careful not to move the mouse too close to the bar, because that makes it pop down immediately. The bar should be narrower or moved to somewhere else on the screen. Simple as that! Thanks.
  • dickeverard
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    I totally agree wi8th the comment above.  The banking Protection Bar frequently gets in the way of me clicking on other tabs.  I often need to open another tab when using a banking site and it is a real nuisance.  Please will F-Secure do something about it.  Stop it coming down and obscuring the tabs everytime you move the mouse near the tabs.

  • Palaure2669
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        I asked to F-secure few days ago for the same thing and I don't have any feedback !

    Did you have any answer from them on this subject ?



  • Teo_V
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    Yes, this notification bar is really annoying. There should be opinion to hide it permanently for that current session...
  • tell
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    recent computer crash lost everything  went into f secure  my secure put in my password and it came up with items covered  but when we go into banking   the black bar that comes down to let you no your safe does not work  can some one tell me what to do etc  to get it working  

    thank you 

  • FrustratedUser
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    I agree. It's **bleep** annoying. Let me put it to the side, the bottom, anywhere but the top. Every time I move my cursor to select a tab - bang - down it comes. Move the cursor away. Wait for it to slowly retract, and then carefully move the cursor again, and then a few seconds later - down it comes again. I won't be renewing if it doesn't change.
  • Ersi
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    Agreed.. Very annoying!

  • Taija1
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    I wonder if the protection bar was created by the software writer(s) as an act of sabotage against F-Secure?  Several of my friends and family have now stopped using F-Secure purely on the basis of this irritating protection bar. I can't imagine any other reason for creating this wholly superfluous feature other than mental health/sick sense of humour issues amongst those responsible.  

  • SidSquid123
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    Getting the old " Microsoft Windows is corrupted" please call this bogus number... All of this 2 weeks after paying 180$ to repair same. And computor been off for a week

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my potential feedback (I'm only F-Secure user).

    Basically, F-Secure Banking Protection flyer with many improve-steps already.


    But currently (and maybe it was always possible to do) available next potential workaround:


    for example with next steps

    --> when BP-flyer is triggered and pinned to top -- also should be visible 'F-Secure logo process' pinned to system taskbar.

    --> if we click this taskbar logo (or multiple clicks) -- F-Secure BP-flyer should be hidden (not visible at the top of screen) but still work and active.


    At least, it worked with Windows 7/8/10 (probably).



  • LarsOla
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    THE BANKING PROTECTION BAR, BANNER, FLYER IS SO ANNOYING!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Could we please have the option to chose where the big banking bar displays on screen as when I'm trying to select another tab in Chrome the Banking protection bar keeps popping up, also please make it smaller and maybe put it in the bottom right corner as a logo only.
  • Jaims
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    Hi @PIX3L5

    This idea has been implemented and now in production.

    The Idea is now considered completed and closed!

    Thank you for the suggestion.

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