Licence key for Virgin Media customer doing Android installation?


Hi - I have F-Secure SAFE account set up and running OK on my Windows 8.1 laptop. I'm a Virgin Media customer and now want to install F-Secure SAFE on 4 other Android devices. But I cannot install it on those Android devices properly linked to my account, because although I follow TO THE LETTER the instructions on your Android installation video, the email that gets sent to the Android device does not contain a licence key, and I cannot find one anywhere in My F-Secure account info. So I only get the 30-day free trial, which, frankly, is annoying. It should be easier than this. Please help before I lose faith in F-Secure and Virgin Media and look for something easier.


I also request that my 1-year free subscription is re-set to the date I bought a Windows laptop that could support this product, not the date I originally tried it out only to find that none of my devices at that time were running supported operating systems!




  • Simon
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    The license key is held within the SAFE Portal, so you should be able to install on up to your allocated number of other devices from there, and I believe all that gets sent to the receiving device is an activation key.  Is that not happening?  I haven't seen the video for ages, but there is quite a bit of further information for Virgin customers in this thread:


  • ohreallymusti

    Thanks Simon, yes I finally found that by clicking on the 'Reinstall' button in the portal where it lists my licences, it displayed a licence key that I could then note down, go to the android devices, and enter into the screen there, whereupon the link was restored and the licence properly relfected the days I have available until I need to pay up again! Otherwise, I can see no way of getting a valid licence key, for my circumstances...

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