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I'm currently part of the FS protection beta. Hoping this would solve a huge problem I have had for the past 6 years. I have tried just about every top anti virus/malware type of security for mobile out there and non of them seems to solve this problem.


My family seems to be watched through their phones, both through camera and microphone. I have tried just about everything to tackle the problem but nothing seems to work. It needs to be addressed as a lot of bad thing has happen because of this. It may also help many others out there, hopefully f-secure takes the first step.


My theory is the apps they have installed on their phones allows the attackers to carryout these tasks (I use to know the attackers). For example, whatsapp, gives a lot of permissions to their phones. Maybe somehow they are hacking through the app?


1. learning the number of the victim for whatsapp



I was able to solve the issue I had on my desktop (Trojan, keylogger) easily using f-secure and freedome (worked perfectly). Also had to do couple extra things in control panel. But it seems it doesn't quite do the job for mobile devices.


How do you tackle this? 


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello @Kaizen,


    You might want to review all the apps installed and the permissions they require using our app.


    PS: I moved your post to a more appropriate board.

  • Kaizen
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    So it seems the only way around it would be to remove the app altogether hmm. Problem is they won't do it. Moreover some apps just can't be removed.


    Only solution I can think of is the law.

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