Anti Virus (2015) has no anti phishing?

No information found on the product page, some (testing) websites out there say....


Anti Virus from F Secure has no anti phishing protetion, is this right?


Should be standard today.


  • Simon
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    I'm pretty sure the Browsing Protection element contains protection against phishing and malicious websites. As you say, I think it's fairly standard today and I can't see F-Secure leaving it out.
  • Straycat
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    Hope so.


    Additional...F Secure is still a leader in false positives?  Prevents me from trying it.)

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. Maybe there should be response from F-Secure team.


    Anyway... I think...  if you mean something as F-Secure AV solution (not as F-Secure IS or F-Secure SAFE, where for desktops will be Internet Security).... potentially.. there can be missing features about Browsing Protection.


    Such as.. there will be protection against web-threats. There will be DeepGuard. It's can be as protection against exploits (web-based).

    But it's not something as blocking malicious web-sites (phishing websites for F-Secure it's a malicious/harmful-rated pages).


    It's mean F-Secure Anti-virus (which now.. how I can to understand comes as solution for PC/Mac) can be with dropped status about browsing protection (there can be some meanings of web-traffic scanning / firewall things, blocking malicious pages and other related things). Work as AV. Not any extensions, not something else about reputation/ratings.




    But.... as example.. with F-Secure Ultralight AV there will be protection against harmful websites too. There include "phishing" (as part of malicious pages) or "suspicious-rated" pages.


    And.. if I normally remember it...   F-Secure AV for Mac (as part of F-Secure SAFE probably) technology-preview already comes with features about protection (?!) against malicious pages. Not sure... but it's not hard to re-check. There was some release-notes under Home Beta Security part of community.


    It's mean.. maybe something will be with F-Secure AV too.


    But if you mean F-Secure Internet Security - there was and still there.... protection against phishing pages (as part of protection against malicious pages).


    Sorry for my reply again.

  • Straycat
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    Thx Ukko.


    Av has just...nothing, no web protection.


    As long as you are online there is no protection, starts when attempting to open files on disc, not before.

  • Ukko
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    But how I remember... most of "famous" (around "trusted") and "powerful" security companies... also have same design. JUST Antivirus-solution will be just traditional antivirus.


    On current time maybe.. it already goes to be dropped. Such as... not all of them can to provide just "Anti-virus" as solution. They can to provide "AV Plus", "Super AV", "Turbo AV", "AV++", "AV Titanium" and other marketing things, where will be web-protection (or something else). In fact.. it will be "Internet-Security" with drop-status for some of features. Or if their other solutions comes with various "payload" as optimization tools, password managers or other.


    Potentially.. it's can be valid.. and F-Secure also should be with "solution" about "all in one", but it's a little be hard design.

    On current time there have F-Secure SAFE (licenses about Internet Security/AV or other tools for desktops/mobiles platforms. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone; And as additional - licenses for F-Secure Key Premium as password manager, but tool still as another solution. Just as additional for full solution).


    F-Secure Internet Security for Windows.

    F-Secure AV for Mac/Windows (with various features for platforms, but how I can to understand comes as one solution?! on current time).


    And other tools/software. F-Secure Freedome have "web protection", but it's mainly VPN-software.


    F-Secure Ultralight Antivirus (as beta-tool) have web-protection, but commonly it's more like Antivirus solution (cloud-based and other new meanings).  And maybe if it can be normal and interesting for users... it's can be next generation of solutions.


    Maybe there just re-design for packages, solutions and other. And it's can be that.. will be something new.


    But on current time... F-Secure Antivirus comes just as traditional one for Windows desktops. Some of users... search something like that and they need just traditional solution.



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