F-Secure cloud

does the IP adress (located in Germany) is related to the F-Secure cloud ?


After a running the netstat command I get a permanent link established.....


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  • MJ-perComp
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    please find the list of F-secure servers here:



    and yes, is part of the subnet


    But why do you ask?


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  • Because I discovered after i ran the nestat command the IP location was inside a forest.... isn't it stupid !Smiley Very Happy


    I 'm concerned not to get my computer used by hackers for others purposes.... whatever I installed many additive devices to block those;


    (sorry for my english but my native tongue is french)


  • celavey
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    I think F-Secure is one of the first AV that does it in cloud system. Good to know that we can still add protection to it.image

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