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I am using F-Secure Mobile Security Android ( Trial Version) on the Nexus 9 - Andoid Lollipop v.5.1.1.

I would appreciate some clarification regarding the Safe Browsing Feature:

In the 'Safe Browsing' Section I have Chrome, Dolphin and SafeBrowser listed. HOWEVER, I also have Firefox installed on my device BUT this not listed in this area. 

1) Does this mean that Firefox is not Protected, and cannot be added to the Safe-Browsing list ?


Reading section 3.1 in the F-Secure's PDF document it states that:
'You need to use F-Secure Browser. If you use any other browser, Browsing Protection does not protect your web browsing.'

2) Is this statement incorrect, since Chrome and Dolphin are listed in my Safe-Browsing area and I assume are also 'Protected' ?

3) Is the Protection provided by the Safe-Browsing feature about checking the safety of a web site automatically BEFORE you access the site ? 

4) IF SO, can users assume that Firefox, as well as other browsers not listed in the Safe Browsing area, are STILL protected against online virus and malware attacks in REAL- TIME, as opposed to scanning/disinfecting your device after browsing.

5) Regarding the SafeBrowser listed in the Safe-Browsing area. Is this F-Secure's own stock browser, and recommended for use in Banking and other sensitive browsing tasks.





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    To answer your questions:


    1.) That is correct. Firefox browsing is not protected.


    2.) This is partially outdated information. Chrome, Dolphin and Android browser are protected, but Safe Browser offers more complete protection for your Browsing as it includes additional Automatic scan of downloaded files.


    3.) Yes. Automatic blocking of malicious web sites like malware, phishing etc. is based on reputation
    descriptions (ORSP). And as stated above for Safe Browser also the Automatic scan of downloaded files.


    4.) On Android devices the protection is implemented as On install scanning for Scanning apps as they are installed to device. F-Secure Safe Browser itself offers also the Automatic scan of downloaded files.


    5.) Yes. This is the F-Secure Safe Browser.


    I hope these answers help.

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    I am using Mozilla Firefox (current version 43.0) browser on my mobile phone with Android 5.0, as do many other Android users, due to the browser's unbeatable usability.

    I just purchased the new F-Secure SAFE product with protection for five devices and was disappointed to discover that Firefox mobile browser is not included on the safe browsing list (only Chrome, Safe Browser and standard Internet are supported).


    I would appreciate if F-Secure could add support of the Firefox mobile browser on mobile devices. I suppose the lack of this particular browser protection is caused by contract issues?


    Best regards,


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