Banking protection activated only once after booting


I use F-Secure since several years. And I also use a banking program called VR-Networld. This programm use an HBCI connection to submit my banking transactions. Details of may F-Secure Installation:
F-Secure 15.2

Common Component Framework 2.33 build 220

CCF CUIF 10.03 build 584
CCF DAAS2 1.10 build 542
CCF Guts2 2.01 build 451
CCF Upstream 2.01 build 1237
CCF Diagnostics 8.01 build 1237
CCF Scanning 1.61 build 106.453
CCF Network 1.03 build 127
CCF Reputation 2.0 build 1337

As operation system I use Windows 7 SP1 with the latest updates.


My problem: Using my banking program the first time after booting the system the banking software is activated. But not if I use the banking program the next times. After rebooting again everything works fine.

Any ideas? any hints? Is it possible to activate the banking security manually?



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