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I am running Windows Home Sp3 and I have F-Secure and SuperAntispyware installed on my computer. I update and run both scanners daily and normally don't have any issues. However several days ago my computer got a virus that emulates Windows security, I have seen this before so I knew not to click on it and I closed down my computer, restarted it in safemode and did a system restore. I then updated and did a full computer scan. The Antispyware removed 109 items from my computer and F-Secure removed 47. It could not remove the following Gen:Variant.Graftor.8392, Rogue:W32/FakeAV and Trojan.Generic.7085687. I have tried everything and can not get them off my computer. Can anyone help?


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    Firstly it might be the infected files are located at the System Restore files. You need to clear that first.


    Go google and find out how to clear System Restore files in your Windows Xp, Vista or Windows 7. 


    At google search type in - how to clear system restore files


    Not too worry if you have F-Secure and SuperAntiSpyware. That is already a good start to have such software.


    F-Secure Antivirus can detect most viruses.(Highly recommended)


    There are alternative which you can try out.


    You can try Free Malwarebytes or HitMan Pro 3.5.9. (Only use one at a time and do a Full Scan)


    Tracking cookies virus is easily clean with CCleaner.


    Once you have the right tools you can defeat the viruses easily!


    The only thing which you need to focus is to delete the system restore files. And do a full scan again. (with the tips above)

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    Did you managed to solve it? Let me know.

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    If everything fails for you, you have the option to reload your OS. Just google your PC brand and keyword system recovery.


    Make sure all files are backed up and not infected too. Good luck. 

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