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Hi there, I want to roll out Freedome to all my iOS devices (£22 or thereabouts for the year) and also add my laptop. It costs £60 for five devices but only 22 for ALL my iOS toys. Is there not a mixed bag I can use? It just seems a bit much to add my laptop when I'm already paying for Safe also. Any hints or advice? I don't want to not use Freedome on the laptop when it works so well on my more portable devices!


  • Ben
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    Hello blind,


    Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a ready-made "mix bag". You indeed have to purchase the IOS (all device under one account) and the multiplatform separately.

  • Blind
    Blind Posts: 7 New Member
    Thanks Ben, if I were to purchase the 5 device plan at £60, does that cover my iOS devices as well? Alternately, if I keep iOS as the main Freedome use, would it be effective to use my phone as a personal hotspot? Ie would the laptop still get the same protection by going through a hotspot?
  • Hi, this is my first post here. I have a problem with multiple devices on android. This used to work, like it is supposed to when you have the same google account on all devices, but after I bought my latest phone it seems only to work on one device. How do I resolve this issue ? Please help !

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    Hi codespace,


    Is the latest phone you bought also has an Android OS? If not, what is the OS of the latest phone?


    Is your purchase of Freedome license from an App store? How many devices currently have the code validated?


    App store subscriptions are limited to one OS platform, but are valid on all your devices connected to the same user account.

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