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I have freedom activation problem in iPad.

I purchased licence( 3 devices, one is activated in android phone) from fsecure web page and tried to activate it in iPad(2nd device).

I have network connection (tested) and the trial version of freedom worked fine in my ipad.

I tried restarting, wifi on and off,  reinstalling app, etc but without any success. Still same messages.

What i should do?




  • Tehfcae
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    First should check for updates to iOS or Freedome.


    Next try removing and readding the VPN profile:


    1. Settings > General

    2. Profile

    3. F-secure Freedome

    4. Delete Profile

    5. Settings > Safari

    6. Allow pop-ups

    7. Allow cookies

    8. Advanced

    9. Allow Java script

    10. Open FreeDome and attempt to connect again.


    You may also want to try restarting your iPad.

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