Products pricing - Family package etc.




I posted this in "New Ideas" but I wanted to post it here also to see what you guys think. Smiley Happy


Since F-Secure has launched more products I'm suprised there's no packet deals. For example a family package for X devices (X €/ 1 Year) and you get for every member/device:

  • SAFE
  • Freedome
  • Booster
  • Key
  • X GB storage in Younited

SAFE has an option to buy for 1-10 devices, which is good - but Freedome and Booster is sold only for 1, 3 or 5. If you happen to have 1, 3 or 5 devices then it's great - but if you have 2, 4 or more it gets trickier and quite expensive. Smiley Frustrated


Also the hefty price on Booster makes me wonder.. Granted, it has more features than some free counterparts (BleachBit, CCleaner etc.) but I still feel it's way too much.


Edit. Found out that there already has been a new idea post about package deals by PIX3L5 with some good examples:

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