Can the updates be manually downloaded and installed?

I am having a torrid time with F-Secure's dead-slow automatic updates. Is there any way to manually download the files and install them?


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    have you just installed? What is your connection like?


    generally it is not slow at all and just uses what it gets from the network...


    after the first time installtion has finished, you can download fsdbupdate9.exe in future, but that file is some 180 MB in size while FSAUA only downloads a diferential.



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    To be honest, I'm impressed with how well F-Secure's auto update performs. I have yet been able to catch it routinely to do a manual update from the Check for Update tab, as it's already updated itself. It seems very solid and behind the scenes dependable on my PC, Windows 7 64-bit, 2012 Security Suite.

  • No, not first time installation. The update is horribly slow in my part of the world. I don't know the reasons behind that.

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    That could be. Are you using the ISP version of F-Secure, and do they use a different update server for those accounts?  I have the store bought version, with 15 MB "speed", so maybe that can make a difference.

  • I am using the retail version. No ISP version.

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    Please open a support case, attacch FSDIAG.TAR.GZ, mention this thread!


    Then report the SR-ID here for reference.



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    You can also contact F-Secure support through chat:

    I got my problem solved in just a few minutes. Just be patient when starting the chat session as it may take a minute or two.


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