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I know F-Secure is going with the simple-to-use-1-click-theme in their products, but as a "power user" the more info I get the more happier I am. So I would love to see some kind of advanced user option. For example, enabling it would show in Freedome

  • what harmful sites and
  • what kind of trackers have been blocked
  • given IP address etc.

Same thing for SAFE in Statistics screen.


What do you guys think? Smiley Happy


PS. Anyone else having reaaaally slow upload speeds while connected to Espoo servers? Been having this problem for a while now.


  • Rambo123
    Rambo123 Posts: 11 Enthusiast

    Hey Ben!


    Thanks for forwarding.


    Espoo seems to work some what better now.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Our development team is working on it . 


    However as F-Secure Freedome is meant to protect your privacy we do not log your traffic, not even regarding the blocked threats. 



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