FreeDome on 4G networks NOT WORKING (it use to!)

timfidd Posts: 5 New Member

Freedome on IOS no longer establishes a VPN connection on a 4G network (THREE mobile, UK). It works fine on the 3G network.


It used to work fine on 4G, but no longer does.  I have tried different virtual location servers but to no avail.


Oddly, 'VPN in Touch' (a competitor app) using IPSEC / profile can connect and establish a VPN on the same 4G network !


Can you advide / help ?


Now seems to be working. I guess a network glitch.



  • Tehfcae
    Tehfcae Posts: 107 Contributor

    Glad to hear it is working again. It was likely just a temporary outage while an update or maintence took place. If it happens again please let us know and we will continue troubleshooting.

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