Request for SAS team to unblock our public SSL web page, certified by THAWTE


Dear SAS team,

we are  security alarms making company, named Jablotron Alarms,  located in Czech Republic. For our CLOUD services, we do have SSL  web page , with valid THAWTE certificate. We do have tens of thousands  unique  customers and all, with F-Secure program, are blocked from accessing the web same as

Please let us know , what needs to be do, to add it generally, by F-secure, to  automatic list of trusted sites. We cannot guide every customer of ours to add our  web page  in every PC locally..

It only works, if they disable  "browsing security", which of course, they do not want to do


waiting for your answer, Zarybnicky Jiri, Jablotron Alarms


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