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So, large words about privacy first etc. and you put facebook like button on your product. I wonder if i click it would it tell facebook i'm using f-secure or was it already shared.



  • Pootis
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    Is the like button image coming from facebook server, or is it just a link? Please answer! My disgust for it is so great that i have to uninstall otherwise.

  • Vetraci
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    Seriously, this button is exactly the opposite of what F-Secure stands for: Privacy and digital freedom. If people want to "Like" you guys on facebook, they will definitely find a way to do so but please get rid of this horrible Like button!

  • Yeah,same opinion here,and now the Booster Button is also there.Please don't do such things,we are paying for it so we can expect an ad free product.

  • Ville
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    The like button is a local image and just opening our user interface causes no connections to Facebook. If you click it, it will open the Facebook site in a browser and then Facebook can obviously track you.



    (F-Secure R&D)



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  • Vetraci
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    still, I don't like the idea of placing such buttons (neither to Facebook nor to Twitter or Youtube or whatever) on windows of Security programs. There is already a button leading directly to your Website and a button for support and help. Actually, I've never  seen Facebook Like buttons on others AV program's windows and I have used several.



    Nevertheless, I would appreciate a resurfacing of the User Interface of F-Secure Internet Security. I like the more modern looking and straightened user interfaces e.g. of Freedome and Cleanup-Tool. So I hope F-Secure is working on improving user experience by adjusting the user interface.

  • I think the same.I had a big opinion about F Secure from the security side but things like that changed it.If you would offer a free product no one would cry but for paid Users such non trustable things like Facebook is a no go.Also that Booster crap ad is not a positive thing.


    But I think like always,doesn't matter what the Users say you won't change it.Step back imo although the Software itself is very good(Windows version).

  • Ben
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    Thank you for your feedbacks. We always appreciate it.


    We always keep it in mind when thinking of new feature or developing the next versions.

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