Add websites that I trust to a safe list for F-Secure help please, thanks - Jason

What I mean is that for each (at least new F-Secure but if possible all F-Secure) F-Secure a person on his or her own computer can add websites that are trusted so that they do not get blocked.


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    Sorry for my reply. Just as potential feedback (I'm also only F-Secure user).


    But for noted F-Secure IS (Windows platform) solution it was available.

    And currently -> F-Secure SAFE also with abilities to allow certain website.


    Maybe can be troubles with other platforms than Windows; or can be troubles with mobile platform.


    Potential options are:

    --- F-Secure SAS:

    possible to transfer URL and it will be re-rated for all users;


    --- to use build-in 'allow&deny website lists' as whitelist or block certain URL (usually it should be possible to allow URL on-the-fly too).


    But maybe this feature request about some other meanings.