Milan, IT location is geolocated by Google as United Arab Emirates

...this is less than ideal :) Can you please investigate why or contact Google and ask to reclassify? (already done that myself but they didn't considered the request).




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    I can confirm. I checked google maps and it set my location in UAE. However, when I was using an IP lookup, It showed that I was in Rome Italy and not Milan. This happened on my iOS, and Android mobile devices and my Windows 8 laptop all running on the most recent version of Freedome.
  • The Milan/Italy location is relocating to UAE in browsers. I am using a Macbook with both Firefox and Safari and I am getting the same results. This could also explain why before I used to watch Italian tv like RAI from their website and app and now I cannot.

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    Please, to have more information  on what could be the issue, review the following article.


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    Hello Ben, I've already read that article but unfortunately doesn't contain any info useful to solve the problem.


    The Freedome Italian gateway uses an address range that is not geo-located correctly by major Internet services like Google or even the RAI TV italian service. This is of course a big problem since much of the content is customized on the geographic area.


    Support link on the Freedome app linked to this service so can you or any FSecure support team provide a solution? Is there any other channel to request support?


    Thank You

  • Other Italian streams like, LaEffe etc are working fine with the Italy VPN location but does not work at all. I tried disabling the protection etc but still doesn't work. It is the same in the UK... ITV online streams work perfectly but not Channel4 streams like Film4 etc. Can this be related with Flash, Silverlight etc?

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    It is likely that RAI  and other streaming services have blacklisted FreeDome IP addresses as it is likely to break their terms and conditions.

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