Some questions about tracking and privacy online

Hello, I am a Freedome and SAFE user and I'd like to ask a few questions that have been troubling me.

1. How come I always get a Google cookie just by opening Chrome or Firefox (I am using Windows), even thought I have all cookies blocked on both? The cookie is a PREF cookie. My home page in both browsers is blank. Apparently Google's phishing protection gives me the cookie. Cool?

2. I use Freedome and FS SAFE Browser (Private browsing on) on iOS. I am not logged into any service, but Google Translate shows me my translating history and F-Secure Safe Search suggests me my previous searches. I have tried manually clearing browser data and resetting advertiser id from iOS settings.

3. Using the iOS setup mentioned above, I tend to get advertisements related to some of my apps that I use. Before installing said apps I didn't get those adverts. I also tried resetting advertiser id to get rid of those, but the ads came back even thought I didn't even open the apps after the reset.


  • Rambo123
    Rambo123 Posts: 11

    I'm not an expert, but does your Firefox have phishing protection and malware checks turned on? I'm pretty sure that cookie is from Googles safe browsing and Firefox uses it.
  • F-Secured
    F-Secured Posts: 21

    That seems to be the case. After disabling the phishing protection, I no longer get the cookie. Thank you, please accept this kudo as a reward Smiley Wink

  • F-Secured
    F-Secured Posts: 21
    I don't know who or what marked @Rambo123 's message as solution, but please don't because there are still two questions waiting to be answered. Thank you.
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