Some questions about tracking and privacy online

Hello, I am a Freedome and SAFE user and I'd like to ask a few questions that have been troubling me.

1. How come I always get a Google cookie just by opening Chrome or Firefox (I am using Windows), even thought I have all cookies blocked on both? The cookie is a PREF cookie. My home page in both browsers is blank. Apparently Google's phishing protection gives me the cookie. Cool?

2. I use Freedome and FS SAFE Browser (Private browsing on) on iOS. I am not logged into any service, but Google Translate shows me my translating history and F-Secure Safe Search suggests me my previous searches. I have tried manually clearing browser data and resetting advertiser id from iOS settings.

3. Using the iOS setup mentioned above, I tend to get advertisements related to some of my apps that I use. Before installing said apps I didn't get those adverts. I also tried resetting advertiser id to get rid of those, but the ads came back even thought I didn't even open the apps after the reset.


  • Rambo123
    Rambo123 Posts: 11 Enthusiast

    I'm not an expert, but does your Firefox have phishing protection and malware checks turned on? I'm pretty sure that cookie is from Googles safe browsing and Firefox uses it.
  • F-Secured
    F-Secured Posts: 21 Explorer

    That seems to be the case. After disabling the phishing protection, I no longer get the cookie. Thank you, please accept this kudo as a reward Smiley Wink

  • F-Secured
    F-Secured Posts: 21 Explorer
    I don't know who or what marked @Rambo123 's message as solution, but please don't because there are still two questions waiting to be answered. Thank you.
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