ISTP with OLB?



I got OLB from TP management, and can it be used with ISTP? (on same computer, same OS)


  • Ville
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  • Will it be compatible with ISTP's launch pad?

  • OLB installer found conflicting software - FS launch pad...

  • MJ-perComp
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    Are you using ISTP or IS2012?

  • ISTP, lol


    Why would I wrote it into here otherwise?

  • MJ-perComp
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    Because this is TP-Forum, not ISTP-Forum.

    you might try to add OLB-TP to IS2012 and I guess it would still fit in here and make an important difference...

    anyway lets see what the team answers tomorrow

    Good Night!

  • You may don't know for some reasons, that one year ago ISTP become TP, and later it was renamed to IS Beta, and now again after Beta for 2012 IS was ended it was again renamed to ISTP. that is, TP is same ISTP

    And please note, that I'm not using Online Backup Beta.

  • Ville
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    Hi, it should work without any problems. In fact we tested it just now (once more) and it worked.


    Could you please attach screenshot of the problem and support tool output.


  • uh...


    Excuse me, I gone through wrong way...


    I downloaded IS2012 trial somehow and just noticed it....


    Sorry for mis-leading.





    But, by the way, why it has Win XP's and Vista's icons?


    Please check it at your place, maybe my OS got some errors instead.

  • Hhmm.. I heard it before and didn't know that it is for real. Nice trivia by the way. It helps me learn about it. Thanks.image

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