'Email address already registered, contact customer service'

Uninstalled the previous version, bought a new version, paid it, tried to activate it but cannot: F-Secure doesn't accept my email address as it has 'already been registered'. Yes, it is, by me. Or rather, it was registered with my old account. I only have one email address, so what to do now. Customer service is not responding - perhaps they will eventually.


So why didn't I just renew the order before it expired? I tried, but was put off by Cleverbridge which stated that they will take the payment using the method I had selected last year. I didn't know what this meant; would they go and take the money from my account just like that, or was it simply a badly worded statement, or was I too stupid to use F-Secure? So I decided to uninstall the old version and start again. But they seem to keep the old details there and don't allow new orders from that email address. Why in earth not? Why not let someone buy ten copies of the program if they so wish?


Any ideas what to do besides waiting for the customer service to contact me (to that same email address which they didn't let me use this time, except for the payment, which did go through nicely).


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    There's nothing we can really do on the forum to help, but hopefully one of the team will see this and look into it for you. @Ben - ?

    By the way, perhaps I'm missing something but I can't see what's confusing about them using the same payment method you used last year. Doesn't that just mean they'll charge the same card, or whatever?
  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello Frustrated,


    It seems that one of our agent replied on your support ticket yesterday. Your previous account was removed, so that you could re-use the email address you wanted.


    Are you still having the problem? Did the instructions provided help you?

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    My issue is the same as "frustrated" , I should introduce myself first, I'm pissed, last name HIGHLY irritated. I spoke with customer support yesterday and was assured I would hear from someone today to correct the email conflict. He was apparently confused since you are CLOSED on the weekends. So now I sit and can't do anything on my system because of a lack of security. Here I'll utilize my phone since there is no sensitive information. Wasted weekend appreciated!


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    Hello mezman001,


    I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with our F-Secure product. I see that you have contacted support on saturday regarding your issue. Our support team is looking into your issue currently (as per your ticket) and should be getting back to you as soon as they have an update.





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