Error Validating Subscription Code


EDIT: Code was accepted 12 hours later. It is working now. This message can be deleted.


Windows 7 Home 64bit - Computer behind Linksys Router. IPSec and VPN enabled. Also opened ports range 2740 - 2749 and TCP port 443. Installed Freedome.exe without problems. Started program, copy and paste code from confirmation page OR type in subscription code, program say  "Could not verify your code - Please try again later" Have done so many times.




After a while, program throws message: "No Network Connection" but yet, computer HAS network connection.




Going to Network Settings and found this: FreedomeVPN Connection "Network Cable Unplugged" WTF? 



Can you help? I have not been able to move forward since I paid my one year subscription and installed program. Thanks...




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