Brand new OS build is corrupted after installing F-Secure IS

I wipe and reinstall the OS for almost no reason at all: suspicion of malware, a few software products have changed, etc. I have a few PCs, so having one down is no big deal. I wiped and reinstalled W-7 today. I installed all Windows Updates, Microsoft Office 2010, and more Microsoft Updates. I rebooted as requested. Then I installed F-Secure IS. It's been my experience that anti-virus products require a reboot after installation, so I did. Then I saw something I have never seen before, the Preparing Desktop message, long after the initial installation of W-7. It took a long time, but eventually it logged me in, only to present a screen straight out of XP. There was a message at the top complaining about profiles or desktops missing. Windows was unusable. I rebooted and then the desktop looked like W-7, but the font sizes were all screwed up, some large some small. I set text size to small, logged off, logged on, set the text size to medium, logged off, logged on, and the font sizes appeared to be correct. But there are still strange things going on, with different colors in various places.


Obviously I am going to wipe and reinstall again. But now I wonder about F-Secure. Have any bugs been reported similar to my experience?


The above involves genuine W-7 64-bit and genuine Office 2010, with both having been validated. Device Manager reports no errors.


  • baroque-quest
    baroque-quest Posts: 74 Enthusiast

    Thanks for the reply. The current version is 14-132 build 102, DeepGuard 5.0 build 566, Management Agent 8.30 build 43183, User Interface 12.00 build 101, Virus Protection 11.00 build 21071. But reboots have not fixed the color changes, with different colors are being used, for example, for highlights. I added a new user and the colors are the standard ones.


    Of course, I suppose the problem could be a recent update from Microsoft. I see two optional updates waiting on another system, KB3020369 and KB3045645. I won't accept them.


  • NikK
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    I had similar problems with the optional windows update kb3048761 regarding an update for Desktop Window Manager (DWM.exe) released on April 21. It looked like XP and many desktop icons were missing. After I uninstalled it everything was OK again. You can't always trust these updates Smiley Wink

  • Ukko
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    Under another topic about something same... was also words about Microsoft Updates as reason (how I can to remember).

    With my experience it's also can be (or can not be), but I also have have installed practically all (?!) not important updates. And also.. recently (on current days) there was not important updates as "fix" for some of "monthly trouble-updates" or something same.


    And maybe it's mean.. that there can be different situations (or reasons) for your experience per one situation.

    Such as... my "experience" was about normal view of desktop pictures, fonts and other. But I get about three time (or maybe four.. of more. Such as.. there was two visible with "freeze" and my hard-shutdown for machine. And one with load "guest"-visit.. and one when I stopped "guest"-visit. Situations, which I remembered) with some of FS Protection builds after clean installation (such as.. i'm not sure that it was related and it was not confirmed probably as something known). but for me it was looks like "happened" just when FS Protection installed. And usually happened.. after fresh installation for FS Protection.

    So, potentially.. my experience can be another one. Sorry if it's like that. :)

    and sorry for new long reply.

  • baroque-quest
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    NikK, I think I will no longer automatically accept optional updates. I will wait at least one or two weeks before installing in the hope that others will discover the bugs before me.

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