Remove device free key for move

How do I release a device to free up a key on a 3 lic install?


I've uninstalled the software using the funinstall utility tool, or what ever it's called.


There's no trace of F-secure on computer, folders, file, services, reg keys, etc.


But on one of the other computers it still is showing up and has not released it.


I've done this before when I had to move a computer and it dropped off right away.


These key issues are a real pain.


Oh.... why have a "live" chat window if nobody mans it? 




  • piken
    piken Posts: 7
    oh... 3 lic F-Secure Anti-Virus PC
  • piken
    piken Posts: 7

    The 3 lic still has a slot open, so I'm guessing it will fill the 3rd slot and I don't want

    to loose a slot.


    I've had so many issues in the past with the keys I'm trying to be carefull would really like to avoid the multi week email run around trying to fix like I've had in the past.


    I guess I'll give it whirl and see what happens.






  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    If you've still got a free slot, then yes, the new installation will probably take it, but if you're only using two out of the three licenses it doesn't really matter, and if you wanted to add a third device at a later stage, it would use the 'spare' slot which would then be inactive.

    You might want to consider upgrading to SAFE, or join the Beta program for FS Protection, as both of them use portal based systems which bring all your devices together under one roof, so to speak.
  • piken
    piken Posts: 7

    Yes, moved keys around and took free slot.


    Still has uninstalled computers device id in a slot.


    I guess I'll see what happens when I install on the third system.


    In the past, as soon as it was uninstalled the device id cleared within in minutes.





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