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I have noticed something odd with Freedome's blocking service. I had 4 blocked sites since yesterday and late night I suddenly saw that I had 8 blocked sites and a few hours later I had 15 blocked sites, and today I got a total of 29 harmful blocked sites and every time I open my explorer (firefox) another one is being listed, and even when I'm not online freedome is still blocking.

What is going on? I don't know what might have caused this I haven't change any settings haven't download anything either. I tried to change my location multiple times just to see if something would change, but nothing happens. I also changed my homepage to see if it had anything to do with scripts on that page, but nope freedome still keeps on blocking sites. I even unplugged my router to see if this would resolve the issue, but no didn't work.


I maybe should mention that I use Adblock Plus and Noscript, and I have used Freedome since february and it have never caused any problems before.


And why isn't there a way to see which sites is being blocked. I mean it would be so much easier if there was a complete list of all the sites and timestamps.






  • Notnever
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    Hi, I just checked freedome again and I now have 50 blocked sites. I really don't understand this at all is it really normal for freedome to block a site every time I open up my browser. Even when I'm not online it still occurs. All of this started two days ago and have never happened before!

    Is there anyone else who has had this problem or who might have any solution to what it can be that triggers the blocking?
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    It sounds to me like you have malware attempted to connect to the internet. I recommend scanning with whatever antivirus software you have along with the ree version malwarebytes as it works along side antivirus and is good for cleaning up infected machines. 


    The reason it sounds like malware is that even when you are not doing anything the malware is running and attempting to connect to a website. It will continue trying to do this even when your router is disconnected and it is blocked by Freedome before it can even try to connect.

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    There just (else) one strange point....

    How I can to understand... when network/connection with network - disabled.

    Such as it's offline... or other....  Freedome can not to increase statistics?! And.. Freedome will be not work too (such as connection disabled?!). If there Windows-client (?!). With other.. not sure... how it work.




    Anyway.. situation a little be strange. And I can to think about (if you don't have installed F-Secure IS/F-Secure SAFE) next step for trying understand about reason (except.. support-request with fsdiag or something else, but probably it's can not be tracked. Just if there broken installation or something else). So.. something as "hard" workaround.


    -> Will install F-Secure SAFE (or F-Secure IS). And just because Freedome should to work with "F-Secure Security Cloud" about reputation/rating information... so... F-Secure Internet Security feature about "Browsing Protection" (with blocking harmful websites) should be  also with same result. Such as.. F-Secure should to block this. And maybe it's will be visible or can be visible (after some of manual steps). Limitation there: if "blocked page" with suspicious-rating. It will be ignored by F-Secure IS.


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    That's exatcly what I thought the first time I noticed this strange activity. But I use Norton and it hasn't given me any warning at all, but I decided to run a full scan and I also run Norton power eraser. Both of them ended up with the same result, nothing no malware or rootkit. I have tried a bunch of different search engines but none of them could find anything out of the ordinary everything seems fine, but to be on the safe side I will run malwarebytes like you said!


    I see that I wasn't clear enough when I told you that It didn't work even when my router was unplugged with that I mean when I plugged it back it was the same result as before. Sorry about that I was a bit tired yesterday, but I don't think Freedome can block anything when it's not connected to the internet?

    But this is all weird, beacuse it hasn't happened before so it must be something that still triggers freedome to block, but maybe I should try to disable my extensions and see if something happens, but I don't think the problem lies there. The only thing I remember from that day when it started is that I was on youtube listening to music and my location was set to London, and after that all this bizarre things started to happen.


    But is there something more That I can do....


    Here is a few search engines that I already have used

    Norton full scan and power eraser

    Mcafee virus scan plus and McAfee GetSusp

    F-secure online scan

    Kapersky security scan and virus removal

    Eset NOD32


    I aslo have cleaned the autorun and the registry, with no success.

  • Notnever
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    Hi again I run Malwarebytes and no threats is on my system, but the blocking keeps on ticking, and I now have 70 sites blocked. I also disabled both ABP and Noscript but nothing changes. I forgot to mention that this thing also happens when I'm logged in on my Admin account,not just one my standard account which I use daily!
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    Just wanted to say that this case is know solved! After some minor searches it was all due to a conflict between Freedome and Nvidia updater. Everytime Nvidia tried to connect to it's server to get new updates it was blocked by freedome.



    I surely hate things like this but what can you do I'm just glad it stopped!!!



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