F secure ask me to download an up date and now it's vanished. Why and how do I get it back?

As above


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    As below


    If that's not the right answer then my psychic powers must be a little below par today, and you'll have to give us some more information, such as which version of F-Secure, what type of update was it, etc...  :)

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    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    F-Secure safe.

    I had a window pop up saying my firewall was off so I clicked onto F secure icon to investigate and a window opened saying I needed to upgrade my F-secure. I accepted this and after it said I needed to re-start my computer but it had gone when it re-opened, there was no F-secure icon or anything.  Now I'm worried I'm not protected.  This all happened a short while ago.  I'm not very computer literate sorry.

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    Are you sure the icon (by the clock) isn't hidden? Or do you have a desktop icon you could launch the program from? Failing that, check in your Start Menu programs list.

    Are you certain it was F-Secure that prompted for the update?
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    Yes I've checked all those avenues and I'm sure it was F-s 

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    Sounds a bit weird. You haven't said which version of Windows you're using but if you look in Control Panel > Security, what does it say is your anti virus?

    I think I'd try another reboot, and if that does nothing, run a scan with the Online Scanner:


    Assuming that comes up clean, I think my next suggestion would be to reinstall the product via your SAFE portal.
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    I'll try that, thank you vry much 

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    I have tried posting this message three times as a new thread but it always gets deleted, so I'm going to try hijacking another thread.
    I am getting a warning that my antivirus is out of date.
    I've done an update check and it says that it was successful.
    However viewing the details shows that updates haven't been installed for several days.
    I cannot see a way to install these updates. Please can someone help?
    I've also emailed support and got no response.
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    Have you tried reply #1 in this thread?
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    I will try that  thank you Simon

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