Detected unusual traffic when using F-secure Freedom


I often get this annoying message when Freedome is on
and must enter text in the image. Why?

Can you solve this problem?





-- Google Chrome --

Continue by entering the characters below:

Aktivera bilder

If this page

Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your network. This page checks that there are not a robot, but you, who send requests. Why did this happen?

This page appears when Google automatically detects that it sent requests from your network who violates our terms of use. The blockage ceases shortly after those requests are no longer sent. Meanwhile, you can continue to use our services by solving the above CAPTCHA.

This traffic may have been sent by malicious software, a plug-in browser or a script that sends automated requests. If you share your network connection, ask your administrator for help. It may be that traffic is sent from another computer using the same IP address. Read more

If you send requests quickly or use the advanced search terms that are often used by robots, it can sometimes happen that you need to solve a CAPTCHA.

IP address:
Time: 2015-04-28T18: 28: 14Z


  • Tehfcae
    Tehfcae Posts: 107

    I would receive a similar message but only when connected to the Tor proxy network. What what browser are you using and are you connected to Tor?


    Do you have any browser extensions? 

  • kennybe
    kennybe Posts: 26
    Svag i know I,m not connected to a proxy
  • kennybe
    kennybe Posts: 26

    What i know I a´m not connetcted to a proxy. Only using Freedome VPN.

    My internetprovider is Bahnhof in Sweden.

    I have use Google Chome and Mercury without extension on my Iphone 6.

    Of some reason it didn´t appear to day. Before i appeared very often every day.

    I´m confused.




  • Tehfcae
    Tehfcae Posts: 107

    That could have been occuring for a number of reasons. Your service provider may be requiring it temporarily, or whatever provider you use the VPN to connect may have been requiring it. It could have also been malware, though unlikely as you are using and iOS device. It is also possible for it be have been a crude attempt at a man-in-middle attack. Either way if it has stopped then there is nothing to worry about. If it picks up again please let us know so we can continue looking into this issue.

  • kennybe
    kennybe Posts: 26

    I did'nt got a solution. Sometimes it pops still up.

  • Tehfcae
    Tehfcae Posts: 107
    You may want to contact your internet provider to ask if they have set that up.

    Also what server are you connecting to? Id like to try and recreate the issue on my devices.
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