"No logging" ?


"Most VPN providers will claim not to log, although they do. The few honest ones out there (I've only seen one admit to this) will explain that they can only see your IP when you're currently connected. On OpenVPN, there's two log files. The main one defined by the "log" configuration directive that contains a lot of information about connecting users (including IPs), and another one defined by the "status" directive that contains different stats (IPs, bytes sent/received, connected since, etc.) for currently connected users." source: cryptostorm.org.  


So my question to fsec is that what kind of information from the customer do you keep and for how much time? would u give the "info" to the police example and  do you sell tokens?


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    This is from their privacy policy:



    • We do not log, share nor sell any of your data.
    • We do not know what traffic is yours.
    • We encrypt your data traffic.
    • We do not read your traffic.
    • We know security.
    • We have no backdoors.


    More information can be found here: https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/legal_global/privacy/freedome


    From what I was able to find they do have subscription data however that does not log traffic or usage. They do some data processing but they do not log the data they process.


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